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Ribbon Cutting Celebration - March 1, 2021

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Doing What’s Needed - A Call to Action

It’s a sunny Saturday morning as we arrive at High Desert Second Chance. A long line of vehicles can be seen wrapped along the buildings, all the way to the end of Chestnut Avenue. Hundreds of cars have arrived for a chance to pick up food. Some have come a long way just to feed their families, to put food on the table. It could be their only food source they have. They depend on us to provide them with much needed food so that they don’t have to worry about having nothing to eat. Our job as volunteers is crucial for a smooth and effective operation. After all, volunteers make up the backbone of the whole distribution process.
Of course, we at unit CA-20068 volunteer anytime we get the chance, even during challenging times. We are always willing to bring a positive outlook to the community we serve.  We volunteer because we understand how much of an impact this has on the people around us and the community, especially during the novel coronavirus pandemic. During our time at HDSC, we couldn’t help but notice the radiating happiness on people’s faces as we load a cart-full or two of food into their car. Even though we can’t see it, we know those people are smiling behind their masks. That is what drives us to continue working, knowing that what we’re doing is making others happy. Knowing that our services can provide a lifeline to those in need. Even though we showed up with a total of five cadets, we pushed through the day with full force. We helped out any other volunteers when they needed help. We packed food; filled carts; organized produce, anything to continue running the process smoothly. In the end, as we waved to the last car goodbye, an aura of satisfaction filled the air. All volunteers cleaned the area. We were done. After packing up, we said goodbye to the rest of the volunteers and we parted ways. All of our cadets had an amazing experience volunteering here. We look forward to volunteering here again in future days as we continue to help our community during tough times. We will always be able to volunteer when we get the chance. 



David Gonzalo's Story

David Gonzalo is 77, almost 78 years old as he likes to correct us.

David has been a patron of High Desert Second Chance since 2015. As he is retired, one of his main concerns has been making sure there is enough food for him and his family.


“What I think of your programs? You guys help out a lot. What you guys give me, I help people too. There are people that live in the desert here that don’t have a lot. I take what you give me and I separate what I can use and I give to the people, there is a lot of people who can really use this. There are 2 boxes I make every week, there is 1 guy I help that has dialysis 3x a week. I take him a box of food because he needs it. In my house, I only have 3 people. I don’t need too much, I help other families. I tell people, “You can go to the High Desert Second Chance and they will help you.” I know you guys and I tell them, they help a lot of people. We have to all give back, if I can help some people with what you give me I want to help them. “

Stories: Programs
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